When you fall in love there are certain expectations which automatically comes but that doesn’t mean you start demanding unnecessary things. Unconditional love is what makes a relationship healthy and prosperous.There are times you become  slightly selfish  or place selfish expectations on your  relationship that allow you to benefit in some sort of way.

A true lady doesn’t demand she thanks and give unconditional love to the love of her life. Love does not demand its own way ,selfish ambition is what inspires demanding actions.

Here are five things  a wise women never expect from their partners.optimized-d3rj

  1. A wise woman will never come between her partner and his family or friends. Regardless of how she feels about them, she knows that he isn’t obligated to give up contact with them for her sake. She Doesn’t Pull Him Away From His Family And Friends
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The people he loves are important to him, so a wise woman knows that putting them down or trying to put distance between them will end up hurting him.



  1. She Doesn’t Ask Him To Give Up His Passions

Whether it’s surfing, hunting, painting, traveling or playing in a band, a wise woman never asks her partner to give up his passions. Taking away someone’s passion can break their spirit. A wise woman knows that asking her partner to give up his passions to spend more time with her will only make him unhappy.optimized-tzlr

3. She Doesn’t Demand That He Take Care Of Her

Some women expect their partner to pay for all expenses, cook for them, entertain them and constantly be by their side.

A wise woman is self-reliant. She appreciates a man who wants to take care of her, but she never demands it from him. She is perfectly capable of taking care of herself.

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  1. She Doesn’t Try To Change Him

Part of having a successful relationship is accepting your partner for who they are. Flaws and all. A wise woman allows her partner to be himself. She loves him for who he is, annoying habits and quirky traits, and she doesn’t try to turn him into someone he’s not.

  1. She Doesn’t Ask Him To Ignore Other Women

Jealousy is a common human emotion. Controlling it can be difficult, but it begins with trust. A wise woman trusts her partner enough not to demand that he ignore other women. She is confident enough in their relationship not to jump to conclusions or fly into a jealous rage over other women.