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Tunday Kababi…………The King of Kebabs

Lucknow’s iconic eating joint Tunday Kababi, a 112-year-old heritage restaurant chain famous for its signature dish –“Galouti Kebab”.


There is a small story behind how Tunday Kababi got its name. Once, there was a Nawab in Lucknow, he was very fond of kebabs, but was unable to eat them, because of his old age he lost all his teeth’s. One day he became very desperate to have kebabs, so he announced a contest in the city that whoever will make the softest and most luscious kebabs would enjoy the royal guardianship.
A person name Haji Murad Ali, who apparently was partial disable (one-handed), became the winner of the contest; he became popular as “Tunday Kebab”, because, people use to call him Tunday due to his hand disability in India a person with leg disability is called “Langadey” and a person with hand disability is called “Tunday”. So from this, he got the name. He got the royal guardianship for his luscious kebabs.
He opened his shop named Tunday Kababi, which was established in 1905 in the crisscrossed lanes of Chowk area.
The taste and softness behind the kebab is the secret recipe, which was prepared by Haji Murad Ali itself. The recipe is a great combination of 160 spices. It is a secret of the family and is passed down to generation by the ladies of the family. Tunday Kababi has retained its original taste and flavour of its kebabs.
Today, it is the most famous shop of kebabs in Lucknow, with a wide variety of kebab. It has opened a chain of outlets and luxurious restaurants in Lucknow. As it has become every foodie non-vegetarians favourite. The brand has tied with some Online Food Delivery companies so that the customers could get their favourite kebabs at their doorstep.

One of the most famous Online Food Delivery Service | Pytwo is delivering Tunday Kebabs to the kebab lovers.

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