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Prepare Yourself for CDS Examination 2018

A lot of CDS aspirants get ready for the 2018 examination which will make your career bright. We have for you a few tips to help you to gear up for your journey.

You’ve worked hard over the past couple of months. You’ve gone over all the topics, studied, revised, given mock tests and before you realized the CDS exam is just around the corner. We have for you some last minute tips that will help you finish the race with style.

  1. Create a comprehensive list of all the important formulas and keep this list handy so that you can go through it and revise whenever you feel like. Post-its, flash-cards, chart paper use any means necessary but make sure you make this list so that you can save your valuable time that would otherwise be spent searching browsing through different books.
  2. Do not start learning a new topic from scratch. What’s done is done. Use this last week to revise the topics you have already studied.
  3. Work on your time management skills. Take care not to get stuck on a particular question during the exam. Move to the 2nd, 3rd or 4th question. Attempt the easier questions first.
  4. Always remember that every question that you answer wrongly will result in negative marking. So you should be prudent about answering your questions.
  5. Also, take Online Mock tests and go through previous years’ papers in order to analyze your final speed and the status of your preparation so that you have a fair idea of what to expect during the actual test.

Hope you find this article useful. Please share it with your friends, community, groups and other students who really need it or prepare for CDS.

If you have any suggestions, queries or previous experience with writing the CDS Entrance Exam consult Shield Defence Academy | Leading CDS Training Institute, Lucknow.

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