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Prepare Well! AFCAT Examination 2018

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AFCAT is coming soon, candidates who have applied for AFCAT 2018 and looking forward to AFCAT 2018 can start their AFCAT exam preparation as soon as possible.

As we all know clearing AFCAT exam is not an easy task, if you want to clear the AFCAT exam, you have to get a good score which will also help you to get in the final merit list of Indian air force. Just clearing the AFCAT cut off marks won’t help you either. One should aim to get at least 200 marks out of 300.

Getting more marks in AFCAT is not difficult and can be done easily with proper planning. Here are 5 best ways to make your AFCAT exam preparation rock solid.

  • Know about AFCAT: First of all, do some research on what AFCAT exam is. Serious candidates must know the syllabus of AFCAT, types of questions you will face in AFCAT.  These small things will help you to make a plan for your preparation. Most of the candidates neglect this part, but make sure you do proper homework on this part.
  • Buy an AFCAT Book: If you want to go beyond and solving previous question papers is not enough for you, buy a good AFCAT exam book online. Solve as many as questions you can.
  • Prepare from AFCAT previous question papers: This is one of the best ways to prepare for the AFCAT exam; you will be surprised that few questions might come from AFCAT previous question papers.
  • Speed Matters: In AFCAT exam speed matters, you have to complete 100 questions in 2 hours. There are few sections where you need just 5 seconds to answer questions, you are right, general knowledge sections is something you can do with speed, another section is English, these sections do not take much time to solve because you either know the answer or you don’t. Mathematics and Military aptitude will definitely take more time.
  • Make Better Decisions: There are many candidates miss out AFCAT exam with few marks, try to make a better decision as to how much questions you have to answer correctly to pass the exam. Let us assume you have to score minimum 130 marks, for that you have to answer minimum 44 question correctly without answering a question wrong.

So it is very simple, you can easily score 44 questions correctly as every section has 25 questions each. If you prepare for two sections perfectly, you could easily score around 150 marks. Avoid guessing answers when you are not sure.

Best Patterns to Solve the AFCAT question paper:

1) Math’s—Military Aptitude— English—GK [If you Math’s is strong] 2) GK—English—Aptitude—Math’s [If you are weak in Maths]

Hope these few AFCAT exam preparation tips will make a huge difference in your AFCAT exam. All the best. If you have any suggestions, queries or previous experience with writing the AFCAT Entrance Exam consult Shield Defence Academy | Leading CDS Training Institute, Lucknow.

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