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Malai Makkhan from Lucknow | Delicious Winter Dish


Also famous as Daulat Ki Chaat, this dish is a winter delicacy. Made with foamy milk, topped with saffron and pistachio and Chandi ka Warq, this one is a personal favourite guilty pleasure.  Makhan Malai-wallahs make trips on their bicycles, with two steel buckets hanging on either side of the handle …

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Mirabai Chanu wins gold at World Weightlifting Championships


Saikhom Mirabai Chanu has lifted a new world record of 194kg – 85kg snatch and 109kg clean-and-jerk – to lift gold at the World WeightliftingChampionships, becoming only the second Indian weightlifter after Karnam Malleswari to achieve that feat. Thailand’s Sukcharoen Thunya won the silver medal with a total lift of 193, while Segura Ana Iris …

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How To Choose an Asian Bridal Makeup Artist For Your Wedding

Hiring a professional makeup artist is something I strongly recommend for your wedding day. It’s a long day and your face needs to look fresh and perfect from morning till night. You don’t want your foundation sliding down your face by the time you get to the wedding breakfast!  Plus if your make up has been done professionally you will look so much better in your wedding photos. …

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