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Makeup Trends 2k18


Ladies & Girls, we have come across 1 month of 2018. It means that new flashy fashion trends are coming! The greatest designers demonstrated their collections on Fashion Weeks so now I can easily tell you what makeup and hairstyle solutions are going to be in trend the next year.

Rounded cat-eye flicks

Making a cat-eye flick requires practice and patience that’s why many girls do it quite seldom. In 2018, this makeup method is going to transform radically. So, try to draw a wing with a rounded edge instead of sharp. It is easy to do with a small sponge.

Bright red lipstick classic

Such things never go out of fashion. Raspberry and cherry tones are in favor. As opposed to the last year trend of lip-gloss and liquid lipsticks, now it is a time of bullets again.

Peach and sandy eye-shadows

Many models from the fashion show last year showed up with eye-shadows of neutral and delicate colors. This trend is much classic, moderate, and it’s suitable for many girls and different occasions.

Aqua-blue, lilac, and lime-green eyeshadows

Now it’s time for something extraordinary. No, everyone knows that bright colored eyeshadows are popular throughout many years, but in 2018 their glory boosts up to a new level. Don’t be afraid to use such cosmetics, especially when you are going to hang out.

Glitters and rhinestones

It doesn’t matter what you chose – gold, silver or even black – it will be fabulous. If you want to make the more striking look, add few rhinestones to your image (when I say it, I mean applying it to your eyelids).

Shining skin and golden highlighter

It seems this makeup trend will last for next few years. It is perfect for any type of skin and for many special occasions. That’s why girls love it. The highlighter is a must-have for every girl this year if you haven’t bought it yet.


Nude fresh skin

You will ask “How is that possible? The previous trend was shining face!” Well, this trend is a must if you want to emphasize your eyes or lips. Wanna have crimson or raspberry lips? Don’t overdo with blusher and foundation with a thick texture. Follow the same principle when you want to make your eyelids lime-green or neon-blue. Sounds logical, right?

Thick eyelashes

Long and dense lashes a-la retro is the last beauty trend of this year. Use much mascara and eyelash extensions. Make it right to achieve this effect.

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