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How to IMPRESS a Girl – Start to Finish Guide

1. Is she the smartest, most intelligent or cutest girl in your batch?

Most boys are just too afraid to try impressing such a girl. She is a lot lonelier than everyone else thinks she is. It means there is way less competition here. Yes, and you thought the opposite was true?

Impressing this girl is way easier than you think it is.


2. Start talking to other girls in your class and be friends with some

Get to know the opposite sex better. You will be able to understand the female psyche a lot better this way. You will know what girls like about you and things that repel them.

Female psyche

3. The number of girls vying your attention is directly proportional to the likelihood of just any girl starting to like you

It’s weird, yes. But it is true. If you have got girls talking to you, commenting on your photographs on Facebook, your crush is more likely to look at you as boyfriend material. That’s just female psyche.


4. You need to start talking; how else would she know you like her?

Stop wasting time by imagining it in your head only.


5. Don’t be too afraid to fail; there is always a takeaway – a lesson for impressing the next girl you like

We never said that dating was simple.

Next girl

6. When she talks to you, listen to her as if your life depends on it

Just don’t look too serious.

Not serious

7. Even if she laughs at you for some reason, consider it a positive sign

It means she has started noticing you.

Positive sign

8. Use your eyes to make sparks fly

This is a time tested formula that we can vouch for. Look at her with the most loving gaze from far. Hold your stare and wink when she looks straight at you. This will give her Goosebumps, every time.

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