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How To Choose an Asian Bridal Makeup Artist For Your Wedding

Hiring a professional makeup artist is something I strongly recommend for your wedding day. It’s a long day and your face needs to look fresh and perfect from morning till night. You don’t want your foundation sliding down your face by the time you get to the wedding breakfast!  Plus if your make up has been done professionally you will look so much better in your wedding photos. Cameras will pick up any sort of makeup disaster, badly applied foundation, miss applied lipstick! With a good make up artist with you the morning of the wedding you won’t need to worry.

So today I have enlisted leading make up artist Pushpanjali Singh from  Mascara Beauty Salon, Lucknow.

It will be unlike any other day. On this special day, your heart beats to a new rhythm. You see everybody and01-l sometimes, you are seeing through them – and smiling. There’s so much noise around you and within you – your heart is a garden blossoming with emotions, hopes and dreams all at once. Still, you aren’t giving room for any other thought or moment, because you are, in the moment. Bridal Makeup REDEFINED At Mascara Beauty Salon – The leading & professional Bridal Makeup Artist in Lucknow Bridal Makeover has always been ourforte. Carefully designed and executed by our Experts, our bridal makeovers constantly evolve with the times. We are specialized in ‘airbrush makeup’ technique and ‘Hi-definition (HD) make-up’ gives long-lasting and smudge-proof makeup that will prepare you for the special day in your life. With state-of-the-art hi-definition makeup and over hundred bridal makeovers, our brides are in extremely capable hands.Look at our portfolio of work and decide if this style of makeup is similar to your own. When looking over the images, check for things such as skin tone matching, attention to detail, color scheme, hair style, highlighting features and so on. Experience an unparalleled bridal experience at Mascara Beauty Salon!

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