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Future of Animation in India

The animation industry in India is expected to grow at a pace faster than the IT industries! Animation as a career option is a field where you can fulfil your dream of “enjoy-as-you-work”, feel satisfied at the end of your day and get praise from your clients as well.


One can study animation, graphics and multimedia courses either as a full-time or part-time student. Several programs are offered like certificates, diplomas, and degrees etc. While admission into full-time courses, i.e. diplomas and degrees etc is offered on the basis of entrance exam, admission into part-time and short-term courses is offered on first come first serve basis. There are many numbers of institutes in all major cities and towns of India, both private and government for providing training in animation, graphics and multimedia. Many institutes also provide internship and arrange for job placement during or after completion of the course.


As of 2015, the animation industry has matured in India and has moved on from being just an outsourcing facility to a creator of indigenous intellectual property as well. There are more than 300 animation studios in India as of 2015, which are estimated to have employed more than 15,000 animation professionals. As per the FICCI KPMG 2015 report, the year 2014 saw the value of VFX grow the highest at 22 per cent, followed by post-production at 15 per cent, animation production at 9 per cent and animation services at 1 per cent.

We can see that the animation, VFX, gaming and comics (AVGC) sector of India is only set to grow further. As of now, 20,000 (5%) people out of 4 lakh people in the media and entertainment sector are employed in the animation, VFX and gaming side. This figure is expected to rise to 30,000 by the year 2017 and 4.4 lakh by 2023.

Animation – Career Options

Work opportunities for quality animators and related professionals like graphic designer, multimedia developer and game developer, character designers, keyframe animators, 3D modellers, layout artists etc exists in following sectors at large-

  • Advertising
  • Online and Print News Media
  • Film & Television
  • Cartoon production
  • Theatre
  • Video Gaming
  • E-learning

Though, these are some examples only. Opportunities exist both with the government as well as private sector enterprises. The animation itself is an industry, and as the industry, it’s on the boom. There exist numerous animation houses both in India and abroad who work for clienteles. An animator and multimedia professional can also work as the freelancer or start his / her own enterprise given he/she has entrepreneurial skills and funds for investments. Animators work in various capacities. For details on career options in Animation, Graphics, Multimedia & Gaming.

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