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लखनऊ में इस फिल्म की शूट‍िंग में बिजी है शक्त‍ि कपूर- 


लखनऊ में फिल्म की शूट‍िंग में बिजी हैं शक्त‍ि कपूर। लखनऊ. दलाल, गुलाम-ए-मुस्तफा जैसी हिट फिल्म बनाने वाले डायरेक्टर पार्थो घोष की फिल्म ‘दोस्ती जिंदाबाद’ की शूटिंग इन दिनों लखनऊ में चल रही है। फिल्म में शक्ति कपूर खास भूमिका में हैं। राजधानी के अलग अलग जगहों पर चल रही …

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5 Celebrities Who Married Their Fans!


Love has no boundaries! Love is very strange. Unlike other emotions, love does not differentiate. Love destroys boundaries like appearance, status and wealth. When someone is loved, they will be loved no matter how they are and what they become. To see love blossom between huge celebrities and their fans …

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Baahubali 2: Sridevi was the first choice as Sivagami Devi


Baahubali 2: The Conclusion has definitely broken all Box Office records. The characters in the epic movie, played by some amazing actors, is one of the main reason behind the success of the movie, other than the story and graphics. Had someone else played these roles, the movie would definitely …

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