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Malai Makkhan from Lucknow | Delicious Winter Dish


Also famous as Daulat Ki Chaat, this dish is a winter delicacy. Made with foamy milk, topped with saffron and pistachio and Chandi ka Warq, this one is a personal favourite guilty pleasure.  Makhan Malai-wallahs make trips on their bicycles, with two steel buckets hanging on either side of the handle …

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Culinary heaven: How food in Lucknow is the great leveller

India Daily Life

Lucknow is considered as one of the gastronomical capitals of India. Its nawabi heritage is evident even today in its exquisite Awadhi cuisine—a unique refinement of Mughlai culinary traditions that is characterised by complex techniques and an amazing depth of tastes. Indeed, the food culture of Lucknow is the product …

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अब नहीं दिखेंगे अमिताभ, बंद हुआ KBC

मुंबई: महानायक अमिताभ बच्चन के शो ‘कौन बनेगा करोड़पति 9′ के डाय हार्ड फैन्स के लिए एक बुरी और एक अच्छी खबर आई है. बुरी खबर यह कि बिग बी ने शो के फिनाले एपिसोड की शूटिंग रविवार को खत्म कर ली है और गुड न्यूज यह है कि महानायक कुछ …

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