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Beauty and Makeup Tips For Round Faces

We are all blessed with beautiful faces and features which are unique to every individual. You are beautiful the way you are and if you still think that is not enough, this makeup hacks post is just for you.

Makeup Tips to Apply Makeup for Round Faces:

1. Highlight your eyebrows

Your eyes are the focal point of your face and a strong, neatly done set of eyebrows are definitely going to draw attention to your eyes. Do not draw out your eyebrows, but just fill them in and make them properly shaped and uniform. A nice filled with eyebrow is one of the essential makeup for a round face. Stick to your shade of brow pencil or gel, whatever is convenient for you. Do not experiment with brown shades. Your brows can make or break your entire look. A nicely done pair of brows is very difficult to achieve and if you can master that. you’re winning at life. In case you aren’t very good at doing it, don’t worry!

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2. Eye makeup tips for round faces

As mentioned earlier, your eyes are the focal point. The right makeup for a round face essentially means perfecting your eye makeup skills. They are the first thing a person will see so go all out when it comes to your eyes. Do a bold eyeliner or a strong eyeshadow, whatever you prefer. For a look, you can wear every day, try subtle shades of eyeshadow and nudes as they add the little spark without overpowering your face.

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3. How to Apply Lipstick: Tips

Lips drew out from the original lip shape create the illusion of having plumper, fuller lips. With well-drawn lips that have a pop of color which compliments your skin tone, you are bound to draw attention to your lips. Added bonus if you naturally have plump, juicy lips.

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The correct shade of makeup according to your skin tone:

  • For those with fair skin with a yellow undertone, go for shades that pop, like pinks or berries, avoid orange.
  • For those with a pale undertone, opt for oranges and tomato red. Avoid poppy pinks. You can also pick deep shades of burgundy or marsala.
  • For those with dusky skin tones, go for plain shades, like a solid red or a solid pink. Avoid pastels.
  • For darker olive skin tones, wear colors that are deeper like a plum or a magenta. Take advantages of your beautiful skin tone and color your lips accordingly. This will balance the roundness of your face.Related image

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