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8 Traits of The 21st Century Teacher

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What are the kinds of things you should look for in today’s classroom?

8 Traits of The 21st Century Teacher

The common response often begins and ends with technology, but as we’ve discussed often, it’s not about the technology. by visualizing on the kinds of things you might notice in a modern classroom.

1. Voice

Students should learn from others and then share their learning with Everyone.

2. Choice

Strength-based learning, And Give students a choice.

3. Time For Reflection

Everyone (teachers, administrators, students) should write about and reflect on what is being learned in Classrooms.

4. Opportunities For Innovation

Innovative Learning Model.

5. Critical Thinkers

Ask questions and challenges what you see or Face them.

6. Problem-Solvers/Finders

Give students tough challenges and let them find innovative solutions.

7. Self-Assessment

Important that students know how to do this. Use portfolios.

8. Connected Learning

Bring experts to your class via social media and videoconferencing.

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